Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story 25


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Manufacturer: Tabacalera Fuente
Strength: Medium
Length: 4"
Wrapper Color: Maduro
Vitolas: Perfecto 4"*49
Quantity: Box of 25

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story 25 is a premium cigar made by the Arturo Fuente cigar company. It is part of the Hemingway line, which is named after Ernest Hemingway, who was a well-known cigar smoker and aficionado. The Short Story is a small perfecto-shaped cigar, it features a Cameroon wrapper leaf with Dominican filler and binder tobaccos. The cigar is known for its complex flavor profile, with notes of cedar, nuts, and some sweetness. The cigar is medium-bodied and has a smooth, creamy finish. The “25” in the name refers to the cigars being 25 cigars per box. This cigar is considered by many as a well-balanced cigar, with a smooth and consistent burn, making it a favorite among cigar enthusiasts.

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